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Data in Social Network Analysis

July 2021

Published onJul 31, 2021
Data in Social Network Analysis

To analyze the information from digital platforms such as Facebook, it is important to point out that it is necessary to create categories to section the data sets to perform data analysis. Creating the data sets allows the representation of the information in a graphic sense to understand the thematic complexity.

The visualization of the information allows us to understand the social and natural phenomena based on synthesizing the information in terms. Data sets can be handy tools to design and create new products and services in organizations and institutions.

We should not forget that data sets are information assets that, based on metadata, allow their interaction and interoperability based on specific terminology. We can use the data sets to determine user preferences in schools, universities, specialized libraries, and online digital repositories.

Although the text has no conclusions, it shows the possibilities of creating and managing data sets to work with metrics on the impact of research publications. —HGS

Joseph Angoulême:

Informatique Genève . Data has become the most valuable asset in the new economy, which is why social networks like Facebook and Twitter invest so much into it. However, there’s the issue of bandwidth and storage, which is becoming increasingly problematic. In Switzerland, data is governed by specific laws that protect consumers, but it’s not the case everywhere else.