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Editor's Note

July 2020

Published onJul 31, 2020
Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Current Cites has been published every single month for the last 30 years, without fail. We are the second longest-lived Internet publication in existence (beat out only by TidBITS by a few months). When I started this publication, I would have recoiled at the idea of taking on such a responsibility had I known what would eventually unfold. I'm the only original contributor left, and I've been it's editor longer than anyone (I did not begin as editor, and we've had two other editors).

After two years of retirement, I now am eager to either shutdown or transfer responsibility for my remaining professional responsibilities. This publication is the last of my obligations. Thankfully, I've found a suitable Editor to take over, Edward Lim Junhao. Since the infrastructure I've used for many years to produce the publication has relied on a number of technologies that now seem overly difficult and/or archaic (Perl scripts, XSLT, command line processing, even a step that requires the long-outdated Lynx web browser), it seemed like well past time to move to a different platform.

Edward has therefore found a different way to take Current Cites forward into a new world. I wish him, and our faithful readers, all the best of luck. And speaking of our "faithful readers," thank you for your collective 30 years of attention. We all appreciated it very much. More than you know. Be well and prosper. - Roy Tennant

New Editor's Note: I started subscribing to Current Cites only in January 2019. I thought it was cute, appearing in my email inbox with its retro look – Courier font! I was unaware of what an institution it has been.

I wrote to Roy in December 2019 when he announced retiring from Current Cites. I thought it would be a shame to see this monthly publication disappear into the Wayback Machine. We will miss Roy's dedication and expertise as he steps away from Current Cites.

I hope to continue to be a steward for one of the longest, continuously-published online publications. The goal remains the same: "a team of librarians monitoring information technology literature, selecting only the best items to annotate for this free publication." We will continue to do so without monetizing or cashing in on this valuable publication.

Lastly, we will be moving to a new collaborative publishing platform shortly. I hope to expand on our pool of contributors to have 3-12 annotated citations every month.

Towards the next 30 years. – Edward Lim

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