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Revisiting Controlled Digital Lending Post-ReDigi

February 2019

Published onJul 10, 2020
Revisiting Controlled Digital Lending Post-ReDigi

Wu, Michelle M. "Revisiting Controlled Digital Lending Post-ReDigi"  Georgetown Law Faculty Publications and Other Works  (2019)( - Controlled digital lending (CDL), which I cited earlier, continues to be a hot topic. In light of the recent 2nd Circuit ruling concerning ReDigi's attempt to resell digital music, a number of groups, including the American Association of Publishers, the Authors Guild, and the Canadian Writer's Guild, have issued statements denouncing CDL. First Jonathan Band and now Michelle Wu have written thoughtful and convincing rejoinders explaining why courts are likely to find CDL legal. It seems more likely that, in spite of their threats, the copyright owners will pursue legislative rather than legal action to sideline this important initiative. Regardless, Georgetown University, the Internet Archive, Boston Public Library, and the other pioneers participating in CDL deserve our thanks for acting in defense of the public's right to read legally-purchased material. - PH

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