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Digital Libraries

July 2020

Published onJul 31, 2020
Digital Libraries

Tennant, Roy. "Digital Libraries"  Library Journal  (1997-2007)( - Leading my library team through our local response to the global COVID-19 pandemic has had me looking to the past for inspiration and advice. The mechanics of pivoting even more library programs and services online in a short period has been relatively easy. The bigger challenge is leading the sustainability of these digital initiatives, through helping others understand the role of libraries in digital spaces. I have been looking to my professional peers and elders for advice, people who have not only pioneered digital transformation in libraries, but have also communicated those experiences in journal columns, reports and conference presentations. Roy Tennant, the creator and publisher of Current Cites, is one of those voices I trust, and it has been enlightening and reassuring to dive back into Roy’s ‘Digital Libraries’ column which he wrote for Library Journal from 1997 – 2007. Covering almost everything about digital libraries, Roy’s writing is timeless. He has a viewpoint and voice, writes with the authority of working on and pioneering real-world digital library projects, and he isn’t afraid to have fun. A collection of Roy’s columns from 1997 to 2003 were published in a book, Managing the Digital Library (available via HathiTrust The grouping of columns into subject chapters is useful. A secondary source of inspiration has been Current Cites itself, a platform nurtured by Roy for decades, containing thousands of useful articles. Roy, for your original writing, and for facilitating access to the wisdom of others, please accept my sincere thanks. - WC

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