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How AI is powering a more helpful Google

October 2020

Published onOct 31, 2020
How AI is powering a more helpful Google

I’ve neglected following the news on Google in the past few years until a colleague reminded me in August how much we rely on Google and that our students take to Google to find the answers and research they want. To persuade them that Google doesn’t have all the answers, we’ll need to know how Google Search works. There are the usual improvement bits to existing algorithms – spelling, humming to search, using Lens & AR. For me, the significant bits are the indexing of “individual passages from the pages,” applying “neural nets to understand subtopics around an interest when you search for something broad.” The biggest game-changer? Identifying key moments in videos, like tags or chapters in a book. Google expects “10 percent of searches on Google will use this new technology.” - ELJ

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