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Step By Step: Making Videos With Videoscribe

January 2020

Published onJan 31, 2020
Step By Step: Making Videos With Videoscribe

Potter, Ned. "Step By Step: Making Videos With Videoscribe"    ( - Ned Potter is a thought leader in library marketing. Here, he introduces Videoscribe as one of the newest tools for video production. It was impressive that a 60-second promotional video was produced by his team in under 4 hours, so this is something worth exploring! I came across a similar video tool recently as well – called Loom. It's a way to video capture what's on your screen, with an optional talking head (i.e., you). This could be a value-add to those who do reference work, or merely another way of communicating (vs. email, phone, in-person). It seems that the tools that can help produce more engaging videos are now available. Who hasn't heard of Tik Tok these days? - ELJ

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