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Jupyter Notebooks as Discovery Mechanisms for Open Science

September 2020

Published onSep 30, 2020
Jupyter Notebooks as Discovery Mechanisms for Open Science

The authors explored the findability and citation use of Jupyter Notebooks1 (JNs) in the field of astronomy over the period of 2014-2018. Several issues were raised and addressed: how the JN was referenced in the literature (link within the text, supplementary information section, or in the citations), the stability of linkages/URLs to access JNs, working groups and standards for the citation of data and software, and a case study involving 897 records from 2014-2018. After rigorous examination, the authors concluded that although references to JNs increased over the years, only one-quarter of those were properly cited given the outlined criteria. The authors provide advice and guidance on how to properly cite JNs in professional literature as JNs are considered to be valuable resources in scientific communities. - AA

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