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The User Is (Still) Not Broken

Published onJun 09, 2020
The User Is (Still) Not Broken

Kenney, Bryan. "The User Is (Still) Not Broken"  Publishers Weekly  (27 January 2014)( - In this piece, Kenney takes a look back at how Karen Schneider's oft-quoted "The User is Not Broken" blog post, written nearly eight years ago, has stood the test of time. "But how well has the piece, written as a series of pithy maxims, survived the past eight years?" questions Kenney, "Extraordinarily well, it turns out—even if our responses to some of Schneider’s rules continue to change." Schneider's assertions, besides the one in the title of her post, include: "We Are Not a Format, We Are a Service," "The OPAC Is Not the Sun," "Your Web site Is Your Ambassador to Tomorrow's Taxpayers," and "Meet People Where They Are—Not Where We Want Them to Be". Well, yeah. But one would do well to remember that the post was written some years ago, before such statements were considered to be common sense. - RT

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