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Few Open Access Journals Are Plan S Compliant

January 2019

Published onJun 22, 2020
Few Open Access Journals Are Plan S Compliant

Frantsvåg, Jan Erik, and Tormod Eismann Strømme. "Few Open Access Journals Are Plan S Compliant"  Preprints  (22 January 2019)( - cOAlition S's Plan S has certainly made waves in the scholarly publishing community, and a variety of objections have been raised to it. In this paper, the authors analyze how many current journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) could comply with ten criteria that the authors have identified as part of the plan's requirements (not all criteria identified could be analyzed). The result?: "Limiting our study to the 10 criteria we can analyse using DOAJ-metadata, we find that 8.8 percent (1085 of 12350) of open access journals meet all of these criteria. Fulfillment of the remaining 4 criteria might result in even fewer Plan S compliant open access journals. Furthermore there is a clear relation between journals charging APC, publisher size and the ability to comply with the criteria. Only 2.8 percent of non-APC journals and 25.6 percent of APC journals meet all criteria. Looking at academic disciplines it is clear that the humanities and social sciences will be most affected since the open access journals in these segments are usually smaller and free to publish in." - CB

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