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Press and Library Collaboration Survey

January 2014

Published onJun 08, 2020
Press and Library Collaboration Survey

AAUP Library Relations Committee. Press and Library Collaboration Survey  New York, NY: Association of American University Presses, January 2014.( - Libraries no longer just purchase the end-products of scholarly research. They are also becoming active participants in the dissemination process, as this AAUP survey reveals. 77% of library respondents agree that publishing should be part of the library's mission. But how publishing should be implemented in libraries and what should be published are still open questions. The report highlights the wide range of activities that libraries can undertake. Especially interesting are the follow-on interviews that hint at areas of disagreement about the role libraries should play in publishing. For example, only 34% of press respondents think that publishing should be part of the mission of libraries, and some of the interviewed librarians reject undertaking a publishing role. Any library that is thinking about becoming a publisher should review this report to get a sense of the possibilities and potential pitfalls. - PH

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