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Humane Ingenuity

March 2020

Published onMar 31, 2020
Humane Ingenuity

Cohen, Dan. "Humane Ingenuity"  Humane Ingenuity — Archive  (March 2020)( - Dan Cohen is a name familiar to most people working in, or interested in the intersection of libraries and digital changes. He was the founding Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America, and is currently Vice Provost for Information Collaboration, Dean of the Library, and Professor of History at Northeastern University. Dan has a regular email newsletter called Humane Ingenuity, currently sitting at 19 editions. Each email contains a treasure of thoughts, ideas, and links to projects and articles covering the broad field of humanities, cultural institutions and the digital world. The latest newsletter links to the fascinating Digital Restoration Initiative, which has been developing a way to scan and read ancient text that was written in black ink on a scroll that was then roasted to a uniform, black crisp, and made so brittle it can never be unrolled (from Herculaneum libraries burned by Mount Vesuvius). - WC

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